YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu – the Magnificent Fall – Day 7

9 Nov 2012

The blue house hostel was nice and quiet compared to the party hostel in Rio. I had a really nice sleep and woke up refreshed. The cold seemed to be gone as well, brilliant!

After a quick breakfast I jumped on the bus to the national park of Iguazu. I was ready to be amazed.

The national park is huge and the fall is in the middle of the jungle, visitors have to take a park bus for about 10 mins then take the 1 mile long walking route to view the fall. As soon as you off the bus you can hear it.


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YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu – Attacked by a Toucan – Day 6

8 Nov 2012

Leaving Rio for now, and heading to Foz do Iguazu.

I have to say the so called premium bus service to the international airport in Rio is terrible. First, it’s not clear what route they take and where they stop. Then they won’t stop unless you wave like crazy (like you do with all the other buses in Rio). I didn’t manage to get one anyway, and had to take a taxi instead.

Foz do Iguazu is at the boarder of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and famous for the amazing Iguazu falls. The view from the airplane before landing was incredible even in this cloudy day. It looked unreal and just like a picture.


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