YY in Brazil – Bonito MS – Gruta Lago Azul (the blue lake cave) – Day 9

11 Nov 2012
Deciding on what to do in Bonito is hard, even you have done your research before hand. I’ve got a lot more information in the hostel. Bonito HI hostel is nice, nice pool and chilling out area. The dorm are in good condition, however the two fans in the room is far not sufficient for the hot weather in Bonito. It’s not easy to sleep at night.
I got up at 630 to get ready for my early morning tour to the blue lake cave. This was not suppose to be the most amazing attraction in Bonito, so I didn’t have high expect ion. But I was still very excited. When I was sorting out my pictures a few mins ago, I was so amazed by how beautiful and spectacular it was.
The blue lake cave is a natural monument and its interior is formed by stalactics, stalagmites and of course the beautiful Blue lake (hence the name). The Blue Lake Cave has a variety of geological formations but it’s the color of the deep blue water that gives it its spectacular view. The guide told us there is tiny blind albino shrimps in the lake, therefore we are not allowed to touch the water…weird.

The reason we had the leave so early in the morning was so that we could catch the early morning sun that shone directly into the cave.

The cave is like a big hole deep in the ground.

The entrance was covered by thick forest like what you’d see everywhere in brazil. So it doesn’t look big from outside.

Yes, we had to wear this. Ridiculous!

Beautiful ray of the morning sun!

The stairs were very slippery, everyone walked with care

The hole looks massive from inside of the cave and so beautiful with the sun beam.

The water in the lake shows this amazing blue colour in the sun light.

The cave



With friends from the Bonito HI hostel



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