YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu to Bonito – the 20 hours bus- Day 8

10 Nov 2012

The bus left Foz do Iguazu at 6pm on 9 Nov, and arrived at Campo Grande at 750am (nearly 2 hours longer than what I was told when I bought the ticket). I then took another bus from Campo Grande to Bonito, left at 9am and only arrived at 3pm. My 20 hours bus trip I finally felt I am a real backpacker. Funny enough though I didn’t see any other backpackers on the bus the whole 20 hours.

So left Foz do Iguazu, we headed northwest. The land is so flat, just miles and miles of green field. The soil is red, so very red in some places. I saw one of the most amazing sunset on the bus, the colour was incredible. Unfortunately I’ve only got this picture through the bus window.


The colour of the sky was so beautiful that I can melt your heart.

The long distance bus in Brazil is very comfortable with big seat that goes almost all the way down. All the locals came on the bus fully prepared with pillows and blanket. I didn’t manage to get much sleep. The bus seemed to stop at every little town, the bumpy road to the station in the towns always waked me up.
I woke up at 6am to a view of this.

It was very cloudy, but the landscape was so beautiful and different from it in Rio and Foz do Iguazu. Flat, green and red, this was the kind of view for me for the next 6 days, but I never got tired of it.

I was sort of half sleep for the rest of the journey. Then I woke up realised the bus stopped at a big station, but people were still sitting on the bus. So I pointed outside and asked Campo Grande? Someone nodded, I quickly took everything and got off. It’s not even the final station after 14 hours.
Onto the bus to Bonito, the lady who checked my ticket looked at me with a big smile and said with her nice Brazilian accent and lots of excitement and surprise: Bonito! I didn’t know what to say. Hmmm, isn’t that a popular destination? Am I the only one going?
I later on found out, they never really get cloudy days unless its rainy season. The day cleared up when the sun rose high.

I absolutely love these red dirt road, they look so nice with the green grass and blue sky. Most interestingly, they are in the middle of no where. Coz the land is so flat, you can’t see where it’s leading to.

Every time people got off the bus at one of these roads. I always wonder how do you even know you live here, they all look exactly the same. And what’s there at the end of the road. Unfortunately I never found out.

The 20 hours trip could probably be done within 10 hours if they didn’t stop so many time and for so long. Sometimes the bus driver just went off the bus to have a drink and chat for half an hour. You can’t blame me for having this face.

White cattle just improved the already perfect picture.

Finally arrived at Bonito. After being on the bus for 20 hours, I arrived at this strange little place, 35 degrees, and the sun is burning. I could feel sweat coming out of every pore, and I had to find the hostel. The woman sitting at the shop saw my desperation, kindly offered me their local tea served in ice cold water. It was bitter but nice! The guy at the shopped phoned the hostel, and a van arrived in 2 mins. 10 mins later, that’s me for the rest of the day.


Bonito is simply heaven!


One comment on “YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu to Bonito – the 20 hours bus- Day 8

  1. OMG! I totally agree with you about the buses in Brazil and Argentina. They’re nice, but it’s so frustrating because they stop so many times, you never actually get to sleep! What should take 10 hours, takes almost double the time. Are you going to Peru? They have the BEST long distance buses there. They NEVER stop…and we had the most restful sleep on them. 🙂

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