YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu – Attacked by a Toucan – Day 6

8 Nov 2012

Leaving Rio for now, and heading to Foz do Iguazu.

I have to say the so called premium bus service to the international airport in Rio is terrible. First, it’s not clear what route they take and where they stop. Then they won’t stop unless you wave like crazy (like you do with all the other buses in Rio). I didn’t manage to get one anyway, and had to take a taxi instead.

Foz do Iguazu is at the boarder of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and famous for the amazing Iguazu falls. The view from the airplane before landing was incredible even in this cloudy day. It looked unreal and just like a picture.


As the weather was not ideal and I only had a half day, I decided to go to the birds park which is right next to the fall and close to e airport.
I was feeling a bit under the weather, it’s probably my body adjusting to the brazilian weather. For some reason I was craving for salad and somehow felt it would help me to get well soon. So I had 3 plate of these for lunch.

Magically I was well the next day 🙂 (maybe the super expensive pills I bought with my non-Portugese speaking communication skills helped too)

Being a birds lover myself, I was very excited about the birds park. It’s kind of built in a jungle. Although the birds are caged, they can probably still feel they live in the nature.
Pink flamingos

Some of the cages were huge so visitors could walk through and got really close to the birds. They were always some toucans resting on the side of the path, not shy at all.

Toucans are just beautiful

Especially this one. Everyone walked by was amazed by the beauty of is little thing and walked slowly and quietly trying not to scare him away.

But little did we know, this one is very cheeky and playful 🙂 he attacked when everyone else left.


Different kind of toucan

Hot red


Big lizard thing

Golden parrots

Humming birds are amazing, they are so tiny and swift.

This big buddy can kill humans with its strong legs

Of course the beautiful red and blue and blue and yellow macaws


I absolutely loved the birds park, being attracted by the toucan was probably the highlight.

At last I want to express how much I hate this stupid ticket gate in all brazilian buses. I mean what’s the point……. It’s very difficult to get through if you are big or backpacking.


Back to Foz Iguazu from the birds park, I headed directly to the Rodoviaria (Coach station) to get my bus ticket to Bonito. The ticket system in brazil is so confusing, making it extra hard for me and my limited Portuguese ability. Different route are run by different bus companies who have their own ticket office, so as soon as I walked into the Rodoviaria I was completely lost. Looking the 10+ tickets windows in front of me, I have no clue which one and none of them seems to have Bonito on it. So I had to go through each one and ask. Being told there was no bus to Bonito by a few of them I started to feel nervous. Finally I found a company that goes to Campo Grande where I could change to Bonito. Total bus journey would be 14+6, fun!

Felt relieved with the bus ticket sorted but exhausted at the same time. I took a taxi to the hostel. Surprisingly found the taxi drive was using rate 2 on the meter which should only be used for after 9pm and weekends, I told him off and asked him to change it back to rate 1 with my limited Portuguese! I have no clue how I did it, but I was we’ll chuffed!

The Blue House hostel was very nice, the owner was so friendly. He asked everyone to share a funny YouTube video with everyone in the common area, fun time. It’s also the only night I managed to Skype Jess 🙂


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