YY in Brazil – Bonito MS – Snorkelling in Rio Sucuri and Rio Prata

Bonito is a little town located in the west of Brazil in the state of Moto Grosso do Sul. It’s close to the boarder to Bolivia. Bonito means beautiful in Portuguese, you will understand why once you have been there.

Bonito is famous for its amazing crystal clear fresh water rivers. The visibility in these rivers are over 50 metres in a good clear day. The most popular tour here is snorkelling in these rivers, swimming with the fishes and be amazed by these natural aquariums.

All those pictures were taken with my £60 poor quality underwater camera, but it still looks stunning as its just so beautiful.


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YY in Brazil – Bonito MS – Gruta Lago Azul (the blue lake cave) – Day 9

11 Nov 2012
Deciding on what to do in Bonito is hard, even you have done your research before hand. I’ve got a lot more information in the hostel. Bonito HI hostel is nice, nice pool and chilling out area. The dorm are in good condition, however the two fans in the room is far not sufficient for the hot weather in Bonito. It’s not easy to sleep at night.
I got up at 630 to get ready for my early morning tour to the blue lake cave. This was not suppose to be the most amazing attraction in Bonito, so I didn’t have high expect ion. But I was still very excited. When I was sorting out my pictures a few mins ago, I was so amazed by how beautiful and spectacular it was.
The blue lake cave is a natural monument and its interior is formed by stalactics, stalagmites and of course the beautiful Blue lake (hence the name). The Blue Lake Cave has a variety of geological formations but it’s the color of the deep blue water that gives it its spectacular view. The guide told us there is tiny blind albino shrimps in the lake, therefore we are not allowed to touch the water…weird.

The reason we had the leave so early in the morning was so that we could catch the early morning sun that shone directly into the cave.

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YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu to Bonito – the 20 hours bus- Day 8

10 Nov 2012

The bus left Foz do Iguazu at 6pm on 9 Nov, and arrived at Campo Grande at 750am (nearly 2 hours longer than what I was told when I bought the ticket). I then took another bus from Campo Grande to Bonito, left at 9am and only arrived at 3pm. My 20 hours bus trip I finally felt I am a real backpacker. Funny enough though I didn’t see any other backpackers on the bus the whole 20 hours.

So left Foz do Iguazu, we headed northwest. The land is so flat, just miles and miles of green field. The soil is red, so very red in some places. I saw one of the most amazing sunset on the bus, the colour was incredible. Unfortunately I’ve only got this picture through the bus window.


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YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu – the Magnificent Fall – Day 7

9 Nov 2012

The blue house hostel was nice and quiet compared to the party hostel in Rio. I had a really nice sleep and woke up refreshed. The cold seemed to be gone as well, brilliant!

After a quick breakfast I jumped on the bus to the national park of Iguazu. I was ready to be amazed.

The national park is huge and the fall is in the middle of the jungle, visitors have to take a park bus for about 10 mins then take the 1 mile long walking route to view the fall. As soon as you off the bus you can hear it.


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YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu – Attacked by a Toucan – Day 6

8 Nov 2012

Leaving Rio for now, and heading to Foz do Iguazu.

I have to say the so called premium bus service to the international airport in Rio is terrible. First, it’s not clear what route they take and where they stop. Then they won’t stop unless you wave like crazy (like you do with all the other buses in Rio). I didn’t manage to get one anyway, and had to take a taxi instead.

Foz do Iguazu is at the boarder of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and famous for the amazing Iguazu falls. The view from the airplane before landing was incredible even in this cloudy day. It looked unreal and just like a picture.


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YY in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Sugar loaf – Day 5

7 Nov 2012
Sugar loaf (Pão de Açúcar) mountain was named because it looed like the shape of their loaf. I actually had that kind of bread for breakfast every single morning no matter where I was.

The area is called Urca, only 20 mins walk away from the east side of Copacabana. The area of Urca is very nice and quiet with posh looking historic buildings. The small beach at Urca was surprisingly beautiful. It has a small bay surrounded by mountains.

Here goes my jump picture that I do everywhere I go.


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YY in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Copacabana and Ipanema – Day 4 still

It’s not the best day for the beach but I just couldn’t wait any longer to see the famous Copacabana and Ipanema.

Quick lunch at a corner juice shop. They are in every corner of a block and they are the best thing ever. They sell not only fresh made juice but also bakery, some of them sell proper meals as well. People can either take away or just eat at the counter.

The Famous Copacabana beach is beautiful, white sand, wide and long and wave patterned pavement. The only disappointment was the dark brown sea water ( in stead of the blue water in pictures).


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YY in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Favela Rocinha – Day 4

6 Nov 2012
I am always fascinated about the favelas in Rio, mostly because they look really nice and cool in movies. The very concentrated colourful little houses located in the hills in Rio form a great picture. Even after watching the City of God and reading about it. I still didn’t have much fear about the favelas, I mean thousands of ordinary people live in there.

There were only 8 of us in the tour, our tour guide spoke very good English. We went to the largest Favela in Rio (also the largest in Brazil), Favela Rocinha! where many movies including fast five was shot. It’s built on a very steep hillside and overlooking some very expensive development and nice beaches. The contrast was interesting.


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YY in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Day 1-3

03 Nov 2012

Sitting in the taxi to the airport at 4am, I kept reaching to my pocket to check my phone and only remembered that I decided not to take it with me, nor my beloved iPad. I have to say I did feel a bit insecure without any means of connection to the world. I also realised I didn’t even have a watch, so picked up the cheapest Swatch watch at Amsterdam airport. This watch became one of my best friends on my trip.

The flight to Rio has been smooth despite its 13 hours long. My excitement has kept me going.

Even at the international airport people don’t seem to speak English. It took me a while to find the HSBC ATM, however that’s actually the easier part. Get money out of the stupid ATM was much harder and everything is in Portugese. The two European looking guys in front of me gave up trying after 5 mins and left helplessly. Somehow magically I managed to get some cash. So I proudly called them back and tried to save the day, well luck didn’t favor me the second time and I had no clue what I was doing. But at least I have cash now.

It was a raining night, I was busy checking out the city from the taxi window. I recognised some favelas as we pass by, they look nice and peacefully at night. I tried very hard trying to hear if there were any gun shots (having images from ‘city of god’ playing in my head) 🙂

I had my first meal standing at the counter of a corner shop on the side street at Copacabana. It was an interesting experience.

4 Nov 2012

I have no clue how I managed to sleep in the hostel. 10 young university grads from Sao Paolo came back from parties at 4, the air con and traffic from outside were so loud. But somehow I woke up refreshed.

Sunday morning at Copacabana was nice and relaxed. The beach was still empty, the road was closed to cars and became all pedestrian, so full of people walking, jogging, skating and cycling etc. it’s a very active city.

It’s a fantastic view, ocean, beach, the beautiful pavement of Copacabana, open road for you to enjoy, and green mountains. I can only wish I am living here.

The nation is already excited about the World Cup and the Olympics


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