YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu – the Magnificent Fall – Day 7

9 Nov 2012

The blue house hostel was nice and quiet compared to the party hostel in Rio. I had a really nice sleep and woke up refreshed. The cold seemed to be gone as well, brilliant!

After a quick breakfast I jumped on the bus to the national park of Iguazu. I was ready to be amazed.

The national park is huge and the fall is in the middle of the jungle, visitors have to take a park bus for about 10 mins then take the 1 mile long walking route to view the fall. As soon as you off the bus you can hear it.


The fall is shared between Brazil and Argentina. Though the brazilian side has a much bigger park, the Argentina side owns more of the fall. Since you can only view the fall of the opposite side, the view from the brazilian side was said to be better, but you get a closer experience from the Argentina side. I could only visit the brazilian side due to visa issue so couldn’t comment on it.

The Iguazu fall consists of many small falls
Start with a smaller fall


There were many animals in the park just on the tourist path. This little fellow followed us all the way and attempted to pick some bags occasionally.

Big lizard thing

Butterflies everywhere and seems to love humans

My nose seems to be a good place to rest

As I got closer to the fall, the sound got louder and I could almost feel its power.

The fall can only be described as magnificent, amazing, incredible. Don’t think my words can describe it so leave it for the pictures.








Boat safari

To be honest, I wasn’t keen to go on the a boat safari spending £40 to get all wet. But I have to say the sale guy was doing a really good job. He not only kept talking to me while I was in the queue for the park bus. Even I wasn’t showing any interest, he wasn’t discouraged. Once I was one the bus he got the tourist guy sitting next to me on the bus to convince me to go. So here I am, getting intimate with the fall.

Thanks to my waterproof jacket, I only got soaking wet shorts.

The boat safari was fun, I didn’t realise how rapid the stream was. We ere almost flying on it.

Drying my close while catching up my journeys and waiting for the overnight 20 hours bus journey.


Bye bye Iguazu



2 comments on “YY in Brazil – Foz do Iguazu – the Magnificent Fall – Day 7

    • No, I didn’t have a waterproof case for my camera. It’s not too bad at the fall. I kept my camera hidden under my waterproof jacket and only took it out when i took a picture. the camera did get wet a little, but it was ok.
      I did have a underwater camera though but the quality was poor, some underwater pictures from Bonito are coming up in my next post 🙂

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