YY in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Sugar loaf – Day 5

7 Nov 2012
Sugar loaf (Pão de Açúcar) mountain was named because it looed like the shape of their loaf. I actually had that kind of bread for breakfast every single morning no matter where I was.

The area is called Urca, only 20 mins walk away from the east side of Copacabana. The area of Urca is very nice and quiet with posh looking historic buildings. The small beach at Urca was surprisingly beautiful. It has a small bay surrounded by mountains.

Here goes my jump picture that I do everywhere I go.


Apart from having less bikini girls to look at, I actually prefer this beach a lot more than the famous Copacabana and Ipanema.

I didn’t take the cable but chose to hike to the first station. I just love hiking especially in the rainforest with tropical trees I’ve never seen of.

It’s amazing that 10 mins ago I was in the city, and now nice and quiet beach then hiking in forest with an ocean view of this! Rio is just unbelievable.

Just like in the cartoon Rio there were tiny little monkeys just hanging out on the side of the path.

Birds with amazing colour

The hike wasn’t easy but much fun!
The view from the top was just breathtaking especially in a day like this. The best weather since I got here.

Botafogo bay and beach

Flamego beach then extend to Guanabara Bay

Domestic airport, unfortunately I never got to fly to this airport, the view at landing and taking off must be amazing!

My travel buddy of the day Hikka from Japan who’s travelling the whole world.

Sugar loaf and the city Niteroi

View of the city side and mountain Corcovado


Showing off my tattoo in front of the sugar loaf 🙂

I could stay there for hours, and couldn’t help be amazed by the amazing view of Rio. Muito bom!

We walked a crazy amount of miles today. From Copacabana to Urca, hiked up sugar loaf, walked from Ipanema to and around lake Laogo, then to the Botanic Garden. Result: utterly exhausted!

The botanic garden is cool, it’s located at the foot of a mountain. I loved the rainforest feeling and all the interesting trees and plants. But later on in my trip I’ve done so many trekking in the juggles, got a bit tried of them.

The 40 metres high palm trees were truly impressive. I felt so small.

Actually you would feel small in here with almost everything



I love the tropical vegetation so much!


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